Our Performance Range Infusions

Competiton Specific Infusions

Pre Stage Pump

Pre Stage Pump   An infusion containing pump agents to ensure maximum fullness on stageThe Pre Stage Pump...

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Post Cycle Infusions

The use of AAS places stress on many parts of the body and an effective post cycle health recovery is important for longevity within your chosen sport, our infusions are design to give support to the areas of the body that are directly impacted by AAS use

Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy Metal Detox Heavy metal build up is common in AAS users using UGL products it impacts the CNS (central nervous...

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Performance Packages

These infusion increase physical performance (best taken morning of event)

High Energy Infusion

High Energy Infusion The strongest energy boosting infusionPrice £159Containing a blend of: 2 x energy concentrate...

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ATP Base Infusion

ATP Base InfusionPrice £119Suspended in: 500ml Approx.Containing a blend of: In 500ml Isotonic Solution L-Arginine...

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